The Results…

The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns surely must top the “best smells to wake up to” list – if there was ever a list made.  These cinnamon buns did not disappoint. Seriously, go make these now.

fresh out the oven!

Firm on the outside, gooey on the inside. I didn’t make the icing that was in the recipe- to decrease the sugar content, but instead, smeared the top of one with coconut butter.  Other great toppings could be a nut butter or just straight up (vegan) butter.  Or plain.  You really can’t go wrong.


Such an indulgent way to start the morning, and I didn’t feel bad about it afterwards!  To round out my breakfast – or at this point – brunch, I made a smoothie. Into the blender went some almond/coconut milk, banana, blackberries, Vega protein mix, leftover chia seed pudding, and a handful kale.  All my fruit was frozen, so this bad boy was thick! Delicious and nutritious.

purple monster

I have no idea whats up for the rest of the day….ciao!