Vegan Cinnamon Buns

I am doing a 30-ish day (commitment-phob) vegan challange, which is going really well at the moment – but I really wanted to bake something.  Now, I’m very familiar with vegan baking, but wanted something that was guiltfree and somewhat healthy.  I ran across this recipe earlier in the week, and couldn’t get it out of my head.  With whole wheat flour, pumpkin, and not too much sugar, I thought it would be the perfect treat.

the buns – before

I’ve put the buns in the fridge to rise overnight, but if the dough is any indication of the final product –  we have a winner 🙂

Speaking of the vegan challenge, I’m one week in and it’s going really great!  I thught it would be a really hard transition, but it’s actually been fun to find new vegan foods to eat. This weekend I’ve prepped 2 meals for the week, that will make easy lunches to take to work.  Last week at work we had a team potluck, which is usually a huge downfall for me.  My team loves their cookies and desserts! But, I brought in vegan friendly food for me, and had an amazing lunch of pita with guac and hummus and veggies.

potluck done right

It was the first time I’ve left a potluck not feeling completely gross – winning!  Here’s to week 2 eating vegan!


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